This is a little project that I did because I like the simplicity of pure
text data compared to html.

The home page (/) gives a list of coin with some info.  You can pass the
following options as http parameters:

  per_page=n      - How many coin per to show per page (default to 100).
  page=n          - What page to show (default to 1).
  ids=id1,id2,..  - List of coins ids to see (you can get the full list
                    at /list).
  cols=n          - Number of columns to use (curl only).

To get more info about a specific coin you can go the the url /coins/{id}.
This accepts the following option:

  chart=n         - Number of day to show in the chart.

If the '?term=true' option is passed to the query, or if the server detected
a terminal origin, the page is returned as text with terminal color codes.

All the pages can be accessed with the .txt extension added, and in this case
it returns the content in plain utf-8, without the terminal color support.

Note that currently I am trying to run this without spending too much money
on server cost, so in case of traffic spikes it can become quite slow to

Suggestions and bug reports are welcome.
Contact: [email protected]

Donation links: